Who Are We?

We are a locally owned business that services the residents in the greater Albury Wodonga area. We take great pride in providing exceptional service to the local community.

Furthermore, we are greatly invested in supporting the local economy, which is why we only employ local staff.


Full car detailing in Wodonga

Starting at just: $400.00

The ultimate experience in getting your car into prestine condition. Including everything from wheel scrub to interior door jams cleaned. We offer among the best outcomes when you need your car to look its finest.

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Why Do People Love Our Services?

Regarding car detailing, we offer a customer first, friendly, service to the people of Wodonga.

We understand that providing outstanding quality is essential for long-term relationships and we have dedicated our business to this philosophy. For this reason, we go well above what is the "industry standard".

  • Paint and Fabric Protection

    Are you looking to accentuate your vehicle's exterior paint look? Want to brighten the rather dull look that the environment has worn on your car? You're in luck because our detailing services can do just that!

  • Car Wash For Your Car Or Leased vehicles

    Your car will look stunning with our car washing/detailing services. We clean inside your vehicle and remove all dirt and grime outside. Your car will look brand new once we get our hands on it.

  • Car Detailing

    Give your vehicle the "maximum appearance potential" with our detailing services. Our exterior and interior detailing prices are one of the best bang-for-buck experiences you can get in the border area.

  • We come to you.

    Why come to us when we can come to you? With our services, we provide an on-site service which saves you your most valuable asset... your time.

Exterior detailing Wodonga

Starting at just: $200.00

Full exterior car detailing, including pre-soaks, wheel scrubbing, shin application, and a spray on Canuba Wax Sealant.

Get your car's exterior back into prestine condition.

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Interior detailing Wodonga

Starting at just: $275.00

Full interior detailing in Wodonga. The "deep clean" your car has been waiting for. Interior vacuuming, windows cleaned, carpet cleaner, and a protective coating.

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Why spend your afternoon cleaning your vehicle when you can have a team of experts, like us, who have the passion and desire to give you service that is fit for a King or CEO?

If you are looking for the best Car Detailing professionals in Wodonga, look no further than Achs Detailing.

We see every new project as a challenge to push the limits of what car detailing can do.

  • Nissan Navara

    Check out this shot of a Navara that was booked in for full detail... it looks amazing.

  • Volkswagen Tuguan

    How good does the paintwork look on this Volkswagen Tiguan!

  • Volkswagen Passat

    An exterior detail on a luxurious Volkswagen Passat. The results speak for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you provide car detailing services to in Wodonga?

Our Wodonga car detailing services are available for everyone in and around the Wodonga area and greater border region.


How does getting my car cleaned differ from having my car detailed?

When you get your car cleaned, it usually involves a basic wash of the exterior, vacuuming the interior which is good at getting rid of surface-level dirt. This type of cleaning is done quickly and can be pretty cheap.

On the other hand, getting your car detailed involves a much more comprehensive and detailed cleaning process. Car detailers, such as Ach's Detailing, clean every part of your car using specialized tools, products, and techniques to remove stains and imperfections that regular cleaning cannot.

For instance, our Wodonga car detailing service includes applying finishing wax, machine polish, and tyre shine. Overall, getting your car detailed is a more extensive and intensive process than just cleaning it. However, if you want to improve your car's appearance, remove minor imperfections, and give it a fresh new look, getting your car detailed by our Wodonga experts is the way to go. Plus, it can increase the cars resale value in the process!


I run a business in Wodonga that requires regular car detailing services. Are there any ongoing services that you offer to meet this requirement?

Certainly! We offer a maintenance package that can be scheduled monthly or bi-monthly. This package is not exclusive to businesses and is also available for private vehicles in Wodonga.

Live in Wangaratta?

We would love to serve you, Our mobile service is more then up for the travel!

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